Bringing the Trophy Home to the BX!


What is e-sports?

e-Sports, or electronic sports, is a big industry where people play video games competitively. It’s growing fast and offers many job opportunities, like being a player, coach, content creator, or working in business roles like human resources.

Why is e-sports Important?

Many kids and young adults love playing video games. This interest can help them learn important skills for their future. Playing e-sports can teach teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving, which are useful in school, work, and everyday life.

Learn More!

Watch the video below to see our school compete and win the Mayor's Cup Battle of the Borough's e-sports competition using Minecraft to repurpose NYC spaces to be sustainable, culturally inclusive, and accessible to all! 

Minecraft e-sports - NYC Mayor's Cup Battle of the Boroughs

Meet our Coaches and Learn about our Game Code Curriculum!

At PS 100X, our computer science teacher and e-sports Coach, Mr. Eric Scattaretico, works with Microsoft and Minecraft to create a fun and educational curriculum for kids around the world! We believe in more than just playing games. We make sure kids learn important skills like coding, public speaking, creativity, and critical thinking that will help them in the future. Watch the video Microsoft and Minecraft made about our amazing students!



Learning Coding Concepts through Game Design!

The Straw Hat Luffers with Coach Mr. Eric Scattaretico and Co-Coach Jeff Lawrence

Instagram Interview

Our Bronx Kids Know Computers!

Hear Coach Mr. Eric Scattaretico sharing his beliefs about our students after The Straw Hat Luffers won the NYC Mayor's Cup Championship 2024!

Video Interview at Battle of the Boroughs

NY 1 e-sports Interview Video Thumbnail

NY 1 Video

Check out our students being interviewed by NY 1 on their experience playing e-sports! Our entire Bronx community matters and we support local partners like From the Bronx and Galaxy Gaming Club!

 NY 1 e-sports Video Interview