School Uniforms

PS 100 Uniforms

The uniform consists of a navy blue polo type top and tan (khaki) bottoms.  Clothing with the school logo (including gym uniforms) will be available for purchase throughout the school year.

PS 100 will continue to enforce the uniform policy.  All students must wear appropriate school uniforms everyday.  Parents have voted on the uniform and it has been approved by our School Leadership Team.  

Students are expected to wear appropriate school attire.  Shirts exposing body parts (tank tops/low-cut blouses), mini-skirts and oversized t-shirts will not be permitted in school.  Hats, scarves, bandanas and head wraps will also not be allowed in school unless worn for religious purposes.

Opt-Out: If you wish to opt your child out of the uniform policy, please speak to our parent coordinator.  She will provide you with a form to be filled out and kept on file with the classroom teacher.  

Class incentives will be provided for students that consistently wear a uniform. 


Pants and Skirts